Thursday, August 11, 2011

A few more ex-Confederates

I found a cool site that listed all the soldiers in Tennessee regiments in alphabetical order, irrespective of which army they served in. Comparing the list to the the list of Company E, 26th Tennessee Cavalry, CSA, I found seven soldiers who later joined the Union Army. I did a search through the military records on Footnote to confirm that these soldiers did serve in the units stated.

So for completeness, and as a companion to my previous post about ex-Confederates in the Union Army, here's a list of those soldiers and the Union regiments they served in.

9th Tennessee Cavalry

  • George Brady (Brady served less than a week in the 26th)
  • Elijah Lewis

11th Tennessee Cavalry

  • Isham G. Crawford (Isham joined his brother Martin in this regiment)
  • F. A. Fisher

13th Tennessee Cavalry

  • John Bazel
  • Isaac Garland
  • Lewis Garland
The Garland brothers served three days in the 26th. It's apparent that they and Pvt. Brady were conscripts who jumped ship (so to speak) at the earliest opportunity.

Obviously, there's much room for further study here. A future post will concern a few former Confederates who also deserted the Union Army. Stay tuned.